What do I do if my wood wick keeps flaming out?

If your wood wick keeps going out, your wick may be too long or too short. In order to have a proper burn, you will need to trim the wick to 3mm~5mm each time before burning. To trim the wick, the easier way is to pinch the black burnt parts with a tissue. Another way is to use nail clippers or a wick trimmer.

Why does my wick keep flickering?

Similar to the flaming out question, if the wick is too long, it can cause flickering. If the flame gets too little or too much air or fuel, it can flicker or flare and unburned carbon particles (soot) will escape from the flame before they can fully combust. So make sure to trim your wick before lighting.

Why does my wax look bumpy?

Bumpy surfaces are super common with soy wax which is part of our natural coconut and soy wax— it happens when the candle cools at an inconsistent rate. Sometimes your candle can dry with an uneven surface and sometimes it will dry smoothly. The good news? This is all-natural and does not affect the performance of your candle.

Why does my candle have a wax rim?

This is called tunneling. When a candle was not burnt all the way to the container's edges, it can start to tunnel. The first time you light and enjoy your new candle sets the stage for how well the candle will perform throughout its lifetime. Candle wax has a memory, this means that your candle remembers where it is burnt up to on that first burn and will only ever burn up to the point it was last extinguished.

Why does my candle look like its sweating?

Sweating can be the result of moving a candle from one temperature to another. Coconut Soy wax is sensitive to extreme temperature changes, causing the natural oils to separate from the wax, leaving the pools of oil we see on top. Sweating will not affect the quality of your candle at all. You can simply wipe off the excess oil with a tissue. To avoid this in the future, make sure to keep your candles away from drafts, direct sunlight and a room that does not vary in temperature. In the summer months, keep your candle in a dry and cool place.

How do I burn wax melts?

Wax melts do not come with a wick so a wax melter/warmer is required. There are tealight candle wax melters/wamers and there are completely flameless ones that electrical. Electrical wax melters/warmers are for those who enjoys the scents of melting wax without worrying about an active flame.

How do I burn sculpture candles?

Our sculpture candles are for decoration purposes, however if you wish to burn them, place candle on a heat resistant surface. Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep away from pets and children. Trim wick to 3mm~5mm and remove any debris. Keep sculpture candle away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Please read our Candle safety instructions that are packaged with our candles prior to burning. You may find that information on every product page under care instructions.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only shipping within Canada and to the United States. Shipping is calculated at checkout, please visit our shipping & returns page for more information.

Do you offer refunds/exchanges?

Due to the nature of our products, used candles cannot be exchanged or refunded. Please note we also do not offer refunds on change of mind purchases. Please read our full refund policy here.

Do you do wholesale or bulk orders for events?

Yes we do, please send us an email at info@buttonsandwicks.com